100 Words: The People of Sparks

Today I am kicking off a “quick review” series! The goal is to review the books I am reading or have read in 100 words or less. To learn more, check out the 100 Words page!

The People of Sparks

Lina and Doon saved the Emberites from their dying city, but this upper world presents challenges when they are aided by the people of Sparks. As the two groups clash, a fight looms closer…

The writing is concise and the story-line straight forward. The main cast is small and relatable. I would have enjoyed getting to know the Sparks people, though the third book may explore that more. This mid-grade series uses to its advantage a post-apocalyptic setting where stability is on the horizon. The sentiments and morals are worth reading at any age.

Author: Jeanne Duprau
Age Range: 4th grade and up (No sex, strong language, or drugs; threat of violence, mildly intense situations; use your judgment for younger kids; great book to read aloud at bedtime!)
Olivia’s Rating: 4 out of 5 smiley pumpkins