The Haunt Season Beckons

While it should have started about a month ago for me–*things* got in the way–the Haunt Season is finally roaring in. I spent the past few weeks gearing up for the Halloween Park, and last night finished writing the new Employee Handbook.

Today, after the corn maze was planted, co-conspirator J. and I walked out the non-existent-except-in-his-head path. We marked the areas of the different “scenes” with little flags, so that the Boss-Man knows where to place the bigger set items–like the old trailer, the well, the strobe tunnel, and such. That way when the corn starts to grow 3 or 4 days from now, the larger items are already in the field and there’s no need to risk trampling corn to move something.

It’s nice to see that work on the haunts Continue reading


Luck, luck, raccoon!

In the past few days, I’ve….

Found a 4-leaf clover.

Found two heads-side up pennies (Now I can pay the Ferryman!)

and pet a young raccoon!

The Haunted theme park I work at semi-year round is located on a farm. The park is only open in October, but there are lots of things to do in the spring and summer to prep for the season. But the farm is also used throughout the year. There are mostly flowers, trees, and mulch that customers come to buy. The owners (a couple, my awesome bosses!) keeps some animals there like pot-bellied pigs, goats, sheep, and alpacas. A man rents a space there as well for his racing pigeons.

During the regular day, my bosses bring their two dogs and sometimes kittens to the office when one of their cats at home has a litter. My co-workers and I have seen other animals on the farm, like deer and beaver, and heard about skunks and coyotes.

Yesterday though, I had a first encounter with this little raccoon.

The raccoon was delivered to my bosses by one of their customers. The bosses’ son and his friend decided to care for the baby raccoon since the wife-boss had raccoons when she was growing up and knew how to care for him. In the end, the friend’s parents said he could keep the raccoon who is only 5 weeks old!

We fed ‘Coon, as they have nicknamed him, some of the cat food when he didn’t want the milk the wife-boss offered him. At one point, my co-worker was able to hold the raccoon so I took a few pictures. And I pet his little ringed tail. He was there again today, VERY FRIENDLY now that he knows who is giving him food, so I expect ‘Coon is going to be a regular at the farm.

Later, I shot a video as he was eating the crunchy cat food. I’ll try to put pics and the video up later.