Olivia’s hard at work expanding the Iron Garden and Bloodletters urban fantasy and horror series of short stories. You can enjoy sneak peeks of stories set in this world by joining on Patreon. New fiction is featured monthly at the First Look reward tier.

The Iron Garden universe

Explore the Iron Garden universe with these lightly connected but stand-alone short stories.


A TASTE OF FAERIE: On his way to a party with stolen alcohol, a young man makes a most unfortunate acquaintance. (5300 words)

HOW SHE GOT THOSE SCARS: Two fae women in love, a treacherous faerie Queen, and a secret worth killing for. (2200 words)

STUMBLE TWIST & CRAWL: Boston, 1988. When Kellogg met Biyamalin. Blood drinkers, punk rock, and rats. (1500 words)

GHOSTS IN THE MAKING: Working an Unseelie special project out of the Absinthal Path, guardian angel Carita struggles with the dark secrets she and her partner uncover. (7100 words)

ROTTEN IN THE BONES: At a Halloween party, Nik gets nostalgic for lost connections. But when a stranger arrives and his friends fall apart, his vices may be all that save him. (4300 words)

BLOODLETTERS series of shorts

Still set in the IGU, these short stories are interconnected and best read together in order.

BLOODLETTERS – In New York City, the Unseelie operate in the shadows until a violent incident threatens to expose them. To move forward as a court, someone must be punished. The fallout leaves their human servants, assistants, and lovers reeling.


#1. CHERRY: Cherry is shocked that the Unseelie would take out their mistake on her friend. After all, she was there that night and knows what really happened. (4400 words)

#2. LENORE: Lenore knows that the fae communities’ most vulnerable are an easy fall guy. But even she’s stunned when they target her chosen family for an empty display of justice. (4500 words)

#3. KYLE: Disillusioned with life as an Unseelie pawn, all of Kyle’s choices seem destined for failure. But in the Black Apple’s underworld, who’s got time for a midlife crisis? (6000 words)

#4. SVETLANA: In Progress!


(Cover images by Cyna Martinez.)



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