Olivia Hennis, Writing

“THE ATTENTION JUST ENCOURAGES HER”, new short story up on Patreon


Blurb: “Paula wanted two simple things this New Year’s Eve: get to the comic store and stay human. She’s already failed at one.”

I had to completely restart this story after 2000 words. 90% of those words weren’t salvageable. But after some encouragement from my co-world builder on what the story seemed to be, I refocused and started looking for the core. I also did that thing I forget is doable-slash-better for me: I let the MC be a not good person. And I kinda love her for it. There’s still another half to this story, so this one is To Be Continued…  OH! And since I had to restart, this is a very very very rough draft. I have had a cursory look by a beta, so sorry in advance for missing words and wonky sentences. o.o

Coming in at 2492 words for Part 1, here is this month’s short! Enjoy!

Check out the story at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/attention-just-12281297

Not yet a patron? Click here and consider your options. :) Thank you so much!


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