“THE ATTENTION JUST ENCOURAGES HER”, new short story up on Patreon


Blurb: “Paula was human before her yeti cousin Cador showed up and his snow queen mother came looking for him. Now, the family’s fae history is ready to claim her… but all Paula wants is to get her comics before the store closes.”

I had to completely restart this story after 2000 words. 90% of those words weren’t salvageable. But after some encouragement from my co-world builder on what the story seemed to be, I refocused and started looking for the core. I also did that thing I forget is doable-slash-better for me: I let the MC be a not good person. And I kinda love her for it. There’s still another half to this story, so this one is To Be Continued…  OH! And since I had to restart, this is a very very very rough draft. I have had a cursory look by a beta, so sorry in advance for missing words and wonky sentences. o.o

Coming in at 2492 words for Part 1, here is this month’s short! Enjoy!

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