Brain Scans, Science Bros, and Yeerk Invasions!

Today I participated in a study down at the Princeton campus. A friend and I were placed, side by side and facing each other, in one MRI tube. The experience was interesting, bizarre, and totally not what I expected. My friend and I are now Science Bros. :D An hour and a half in close quarters, with machines beeping and knocking all around you, how can we not be?!

But, yeah, I had a great time. Plus, I was able to see the inside of mah brain! Good news: No anomalies! I always wondered about that sort of thing, since I go to a doctor, erm, never. Also cool: I have a fairly flat top of head (especially compared to my super-rounded-at-the-top Science Bro!) which I attribute to many an hour spent in headstands as an elementary and middle school student. I kid you not: this is what I did for fun some summer days, and during breaks at cheerleading practice.

thehostIn other news, I have less than two weeks until I have to give money to the Stephanie Meyer movie “The Host“. Uuuugh. Some serious grovelling to my taste-buds will certainly be in order.

On the one hand, if you’ve been listening to the Papercuts Podcast, you’ll know I’m so very excited to see “Yeerk Invasion: the Movie“. On the other hand, I’ve heard about the “romance plot”. On the other other hand, I only watched Twilight because it was RiffTrax’d. …I think I’m doomed.

I wonder if another MRI after the movie would show some serious changes in my brain patterns? Damn Yeerks.


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