Papercuts Podcast Episode 4 – Beautiful Creatures (movie review)

Get your headphone ready, YA fans! Here comes the next Papercuts Podcast? We’re continuing our Book-to-Movie review project! You can learn about the project on the “Trailer Talk” episode (HERE).

Once again, thank to my long-time reader/writer friends Cyna (You’re Killing Me Reviews) and Robin (Robin Connelly @Blogspot) for a great podcast. Number Four!

    Three friends discuss the wide world of Young Adult literature and entertainment—with a heavy dose of skepticism and snark! “Papercuts Podcast: Because YA Needs to Hear This!”
    Papercuts Podcast #4 – Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures (1:13:41): We’re back with the next installation of our book-to-movie review project. Just in time for you to miss it in theaters, Ollie, Cyna, Robin, and special guest Kayla (of YKM Reviews) discuss Beautiful Creatures, the teen film based on the book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Listen as we piss and moan and overuse the word “literally”, and please ignore just about everything Cyna says about the end of the Beautiful Creatures book, because none of it is true. She was very confused. Also, as a note, Emmy Rossum is 29 ;D.

Stay tuned for Episode 5: At the End of My Trope – Love Triangles!

Want more Papercuts? Click here to listen to our back-episodes!

So what do you think? Did you enjoy the movie review podcast? I’d love to know so comment below!


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