To Do List – March 2012

My To Do List has been working out nicely! Here’s March’s…

On the Blog

100 Word Reviews:
A Hat Full of Sky
Fallen Angels
Token of Darkness

Today in YA History:
I have two scheduled this month, so let’s see if I can get them out there!

PRETTY AMY cover reveal on March 5th! – totally done!
Eagerly await author interview for EDENBROOKE, on March 28th!

Off the Blog

YA Lit Mag:
Gather cover images and technical info for up-coming May/June books
Contact authors about interviews for May/June
Finish creating April author interviews
Possibly figure out the contests for ARC and swag giveaways?

Personal Writing:
Re-write and edit chs 4, 5, 6 on my WIP. (At this rate, I’ll be done by… next February. Ah well!)


And a big thank you to all of you who have been reading, commenting on, and liking the 100 Word reviews. I appreciate it greatly! I hope you have found some fun new books to read, as well!

I will be gone for a convention starting next week, plus my part-time job is finally in need of some help, so I expect March to be a slow month. With all the To Do’s I have planned, though, it’s sure to be a fun one! :D


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