100 Words: How It Ends

As the elderly neighbor told picture-perfect tales of her youth, Hanna never guessed how much “Grandma” Helen shielded from her. Helen, afraid Hanna will learn the truth too late and hate her, must end the pretty lies. With Hanna more interested these days in heartbreaker Seth than visiting her ailing Gran, Helen decides to write her real stories for Hanna to read… and hope for forgiveness.

Intense, tragic, inspiring. With strong female leads and realistic twists, this haunting journey explores themes of love and devotion… and how to tell if someone deserves either.

Hannahs of the world: read this book.

Learn More: How It Ends
Author: Laura Wiess
Publishing info: August 4th 2009 by MTV; ISBN 1416546634
Age Range: 14+ at least. This book requires a mature reader (and might be best enjoyed if read as a teenager and then again when older). Includes graphic descriptions of violence to humans and animals, sexual situations both beautiful and horrible, minor/recreational drug and alcohol use, some swearing, and intense emotional situations that are likely to inspire tough but important conversations.
Olivia’s Rating: 5 out of 5 smiley pumpkins

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8 thoughts on “100 Words: How It Ends

  1. This book seems very interesting, I just looked it up and read a larger plot description and I really want to read it now. PS the smiley pumpkin rating system is just about the most awesome thing I have seen in awhile.

    1. haha Thank you! I always joked at work about giving employees “smiley pumpkins” or “frowny pumpkins”. Smiley pumpkins are way better!

      And yes! I’m glad you looked further into HOW IT ENDS. I hope you have a chance to read it! :D Let me know what you think of it. Laura Wiess is easily my favorite author these days.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. You know, I shouldn’t have second-guessed myself! You had the book at the time I was writing this review, and then I transferred it to Jay’s comp without double-checking on H or no H. I should have gone with my first instinct of no H! :D Thanks, hun!

    1. heehee I think everyone has a unique-to-them thing that they love that would make a good personal rating system! Hedgehogs are adorable.

      I leave you with:

      Sink full of baby hedgies! :D Enjoy!

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