100 Words: Tithe

Jay’s back with another guest review for 100 Words, filling in for me while I was swamped! I have a few 100 Word Reviews of my own coming down the tubes shortly… For now, enjoy!

Even though the book is 10 years old: mild spoiler alert… Click through to read!

Kaye discovers she is one of the Fair Folk after helping an Unseelie knight.

She proceeds in a vapid romance with the surprisingly un-fae Roibin. You’d expect a faerie to be more fickle in his affection. Kaye was most interesting when she indulges her fae side, ensorcelling friends’ boyfriends, or tricking others out of kisses or true names. Her only interesting companion, Corney, was sadly only support in this tale.

This ‘dark faerie tale’ spent far too much time trying to be dark. If you like faeries, Holly Black doesn’t disappoint. But if you hate pointless romances, you should pass.

Learn More: Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale (#1 of 3)
Author: Holly Black
Publishing info: October 1st 2002 by Simon Pulse; ISBN 0689867042
Jay’s Rating: 2.5 out of 5 smiley pumpkins

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