To Do List – February 2012

January’s To Do List was helpful. Let’s do it again.

On the Blog:

100 Word Review: The Girl in the Steel Corset – check!
100 Word Review: The Princess of the Midnight Ball – check!
100 Word Review: guest post “Tithe”, schedule and gather book’s technical info – check!
100 Word Review: How It Ends – check!

Today in YA History – try for one a week! – Two written and scheduled! Not many this month or March…

Leftover from January: “I should probably also make a post about the Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler book event I attended last night, as it was quite pleasant!” Would feel better about this if I had a camera and thus pictures of the event. – probably not happening at this point…

Possibly write an article? Not sure what to write about. So: brainstorm ideas on a writing article! ^_^ – nothing interesting to say that isn’t said more succinctly elsewhere, for the moment!

Off the Blog:

Gather cover images and technical info for up-coming April-August books for the YA Magazine. – April is done! Taking a brief break on that to focus on the next item… – check!

Contact authors about interviews for April, May, June for YA Magazine. I have a few especially in mind, who have books I am excited about! – check!

Eagerly await the ARC I need to read, create interview for that author, and start calming down about how excited I am to be included on her blog tour late next month! ^_^ Also, find out when I can announce that Mysterious Unannounced Author will be here…. Hmmmmm.

Finishing the 3rd chapter edit on my WIP. – In progress! Half-way done. Finally hit this Narrator’s core, I think. – check!

Keep going, 2012… You’re not bad looking! :D


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