To Do List – January 2012

I’m putting this here so I keep myself accountable. Feel free to poke me if I don’t keep up…

Note to self for January:

100 Word Review of “Vixen” – DONE!
100 Word Review of “Genius Wars” – DONE!
100 Word Review of “Future of Us” – DONE!

Today in YA History – at least one a week! – Not one! Gross. :( I have scheduled and written two for February, but there are not many in this month or the next.

I should probably also make a post about the Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler book event I attended last night, as it was quite pleasant! – Not done… should do soon… Would feel better about this if I had a camera and thus pictures of the event.

I am planning on gathering more info on up-coming books for May-August (and beyond) for the YA Magazine. – DONE!

And finishing the 3rd chapter edit on my WIP. – In progress! Half-way.

Ok! 2012! I can do this! :)


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