2012 is just the beginning

Hello, 2012, you beautiful creature you! It’s nice to finally be settled in!

Back in December, I began moving out of one apartment about an hour away from where I was living. I had only the borrowed car my boss lends me to move two peoples’ worth of belongings. Between my partner’s last days in class and finals, it took about two weeks. Then there were the holidays, where I actually was able to have friends as guests for New Year’s Eve (one of my three holidays: the other two being Halloween in first place and Fourth of July in third.)

Now, armed with a gifted bottle of Grand Absente (absinthe most delicious) and keeping the internet unhooked from my PC… I have been back to writing and editing. I have been making insane progress for the first time in over four years.

My last good year, indeed my BEST, was 2008. I am determined to have this come in waves of 4 years, though I strongly prefer if 2013-2015 don’t absolutely suck, thank you much.

I have a lot to be thankful for again finally, after so long struggling with everything, with business partners who abandoned the major projects right before they were set to go off, and emotional partners struggling with diagnosis for several mental disorders that required a thankfully brief but still upsetting hospital stay, and my own dealing with a full on breakdown, major depression, and several months on the brink of suicide. To say that it has been a “long hard road” would undermine the struggle and the reality that I have lived with this past year.

Instead, I look forward to 2012.

I have a new apartment. There are no bug infestations here. My partner is doing so much better, especially compared to this time last year. I am feeling positive about my own health and sanity. We are working out. The work for the haunt starts soon. I have freelance work from time to time, including with an up-coming Young Adult Magazine that I’m very eager to see get out there. My haunt-boss might have out-of-season work for me at his farm stand. I have recognized my addiction to the internet and cut my time down, and it’s been surprisingly fulfilling. I have been taking time to spend with my friends, my loved ones. I am still running table-top RPGs. And I am back in the game for storytelling through the written word.

I am ready. I feel like the events last May that brought me so low, more than even when I was homeless after the recession in January 2009, can finally be laid to rest.

My name is Olivia. I write stories. Some day, one will find a home with a traditional publisher, and then I will write books.

I have lived many different lives, but this is the one I choose to keep.

For now, it’s back to the grindstone.



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