100 Words: Kissing Kate

Kissing Kate

Kate and Lissa are best friends. When a tipsy Kate kisses her at a party, Lissa is suddenly alone and confused. Kissing Kate meant something to Lissa; why is Kate pretending nothing happen?

Short but never simple, Lissa’s story is mirrored everywhere: her little sister trying to impress a mean “friend”, her boss’s sudden break-up and soul-searching, and even Lissa sees how opposite new friend Ariel’s openness is to Kate’s “what will people think?” attitude.

We often feel strongly for people who are toxic for us. Lissa’s reminds us: let no one make you feel badly about being yourself.

Author: Lauren Myracle
Publishing info: April 19th 2007 by Speak – ISBN 978-0142408698
Age Range: Themes of independence and curiosity about sexuality (homosexuality, bisexuality), light alcohol use, and only a few but prominent instances of strong language. 13+ on age, though YMMV, so give it a read before you hand it to a middle schooler. (p.s. How adorable is that candy heart cover?)
Olivia’s Rating: 3 out of 5 smiley pumpkins


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