Warning: ‘Intermittence’ Shall Continue

A quick heads up to those of you following along at home: I will likely be intermittently posting Today in YA History posts and any 100 Words reviews I have. September was a full month for me and October will be EVEN more-so what with the haunt park kicking into overdrive and opening next weekend. If I am late on TIYAH, if I only have a few 100 Words reviews, that is the reason why.

I’m planning on back-dating my TIYAH posts and trying to catch up, by the way, as I missed a few when I was off in New Orleans for my first ever vacation. I am not a “pics or it didn’t happen” kind of girl, so I did not bring a camera to capture and detail my exploits–I just enjoyed the weekend instead! :D I’ll probably include in future writing some of what was sincerely an experience like none I’ve ever had before. The revelry went well into the night, past when we went to bed at 4a.m…. I can’t imagine what it’s like during Mardi Gras!

If you have the chance to visit New Orleans/Nawlins/NOLA, and you aren’t offended easily by alcohol in the streets and the most persistent strippers known to man, I would highly recommend checking out the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. And while you’re at, swing over to Cafe du Monde for some beignets. ZOMG DELICIOUS! People say it’s cliché: I say it’s a tasty, tasty cliché!

And that’s it from me for now! Hope you’re doing well!


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