100 Words: Genius Squad

Genius Squad

Cadel, shuffled around the foster care system, is waiting to testify against his Evil Genius father. Then he lands in Genius Squad: a secret, high-tech foster home where kids are trying to bring down the evil empire that raised him!

Still in Australia, Cadel is now 15, much more sympathetic, and struggling to do the right thing rather than using skills he learned at the Axis Institute. Interactions with computers and hacking will draw in tech-minded teens. There are new characters to love, and some favorites return (albeit briefly)! The end promises more interaction with that cast in Book 3!

Author: Catherine Jinks
Publishing info: May 1, 2008, Harcourt Children’s Books – ISBN 978-0152059859
Age Range: Cute cartoon-drawn characters on the outside, heavily angsty teens on the inside. Intense situations, some strong language, violence; 13+ on age, but YMMV. (Also, recommend reading in order of series! A lot won’t have the same impact read out-of-order.)
Olivia’s Rating: 3 out of 5 smiley pumpkins


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