100 Words: Evil Genius

Evil Genius

Cadel is a boy genius with neglectful parents to rival Matilda’s. His father figure is his therapist, who encourages his hacker skills and runs a college that will make Cadel into an evil genius!

Taking place in Australia from age 9-14, Cadel’s story is unique and vivid. The cast can be caricatures, but that serves them well. Even when not likable, Cadel is intriguing. The author speaks knowledgeably on math and computer subjects which may entice teens more interested in those areas. Only regret: not enough time with the varied and bizarre Axis Institute staff and students!

Author: Catherine Jinks
Age Range: Don’t judge this book by its cover! Mistakenly shelved in Mid-Grade in some stores! Strong/difficult subject matter, negative wish-fulfillment for outcasts, violence, language; 13+ on age, but YMMV. (At 13, I would have read but not quite understood or appreciated all of this book, though would have enjoyed and been fine with the content.)
Olivia’s Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 smiley pumpkins


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