Something fun to share

“Tweet and Retweet are sitting in a boat. Tweet falls out. Who is left?” ^_~

I remember this old joke when it was Pete and Re-Pete (“repeat”…). It was cute, and I had an instant connection with the goofy joke when the show “Pete & Pete” premiered on Nickelodeon. I saw the above joke, updated for today’s tech-savvy world, and had to share!

In other news, today is H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday. He doesn’t write YA, and I’m not going to review any of his books, but he’s been involved in my life quite a bit. So in honor of that, I’ll share with you the webcomic (soon to be graphic novel!) by Tom & Nimue Brown that has a decidedly Lovecraftian horror edge, “Hopeless, Maine”.

Check it out by clicking on the image or head on over to

The first book just finished up online; there are 9 more books to go!


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