Today in YA History: July 22, 1948 – S. E. Hinton born!

July 22, 1948: Susan Eloise Hinton is born in Tulsa, OK. This American author is best known for her YA novel “The Outsiders”, which she wrote when she was 15.

Hinton was first published in 1967 by Viking Press. She was 17 years old! Hinton published under the name S. E. Hinton, after her publisher suggested she do so to avoid male reviewers dismissing her first novel because she was a female. Hinton kept the name, in part to retain what had made her famous and in part to distinguish from her public and personal lives.

The pressures of the success of “The Outsiders” and the fame it brought with it put Hinton into a three-year writer’s block. However, when she came out of it, she went on to publish other well-received and/or critically acclaimed novels for young adults, and even adult fiction and children’s books.

Four of her novels have even been made into movies–Susan has brief cameos in three of them!

Happy birthday, S. E.! And many more!


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