Today in YA History: July 21, 2007 – Final Harry Potter book released!

July 21, 2007: Worldwide release date for the final installment in the Harry Potter series, “”Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows”. It would be translated into 120+ languages.

Before its release, Bloomsbury reportedly spent £10 million to keep the book’s contents safe before its release date. American publisher Arthur Levine refused any copies of the novel to be released in advance for press review, although two reviews were submitted early. On July 16th 2007, photos of all 759 pages of the U.S. edition were leaked and transcribed, leading Scholastic to look for the source that had leaked it. According to Scholastic, the book’s publisher, one-ten-thousandth (0.0001, or 1200 books!) accidentally shipped early in the US. When one of the early books was sold on eBay, Publishers Weekly paid $250 for it; a steep mark up from the $18 the book retailed for!

It’s no wonder the final Harry Potter movie (based on the last half of this book) broke opening day records. It comes from good parentage, as the novel is the fastest selling book of all time breaking the record previously held by Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince (9 million copies). It was released across the world in 93 countries, selling 15 million copies in the first 24 hours! The United States and the U.K. alone bought 11 million of those copies!

And that’s your YA History for today!


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