The Haunt Season Beckons

While it should have started about a month ago for me–*things* got in the way–the Haunt Season is finally roaring in. I spent the past few weeks gearing up for the Halloween Park, and last night finished writing the new Employee Handbook.

Today, after the corn maze was planted, co-conspirator J. and I walked out the non-existent-except-in-his-head path. We marked the areas of the different “scenes” with little flags, so that the Boss-Man knows where to place the bigger set items–like the old trailer, the well, the strobe tunnel, and such. That way when the corn starts to grow 3 or 4 days from now, the larger items are already in the field and there’s no need to risk trampling corn to move something.

It’s nice to see that work on the haunts themselves is picking up. My other co-worker, B., and the Boss-Man did a bang up job in the Prep house, too. There are now make-up stations, frames for changing stations, and all of the masks, props, and costumes are neatly hung up out of the way.

J. and I also did a final cleaning of the workshop’s office; I painted up this year’s Count Down calendar. Though the workshop itself still needs some TLC, it is miles… no solar systems away from how it looked last year.

Tomorrow and Saturday, J. has a handful of the cast coming in to build. The Boss-Man only wanted a few guys to even know about build, because last year too many of them would show up to do nothing, get in the way of the people who were working, and generally waste time and resources. J. and I were very happy about the decision to only tell 6 of them! Hopefully they’ll be working on
organizing the workshop and setting up the Barn’s 4×4 path structure. J. has really needed a good build team; I’m hoping this will alleviate some of the stress that he’s been putting on himself.

With the corn maze planted, the wagon trail freshly cut, only a few areas of the wooded trail left that needs weed-whacking, and the barn about to be slammed with workers to put in the initial path… well, it seems like things might be ready in time! :D

I’ve been impressed with how this park has grown even in just the time I’ve been working there. Things are really rolling, and there’s a growing atmosphere that this is a professional production. This is my 10th season haunting, my second one with this company. They have truly given me the freedom to creatively explore my love of Halloween; I feel like I’m making a difference every day, and can see the results of my efforts in the park.

There’s been one slightly unfortunate side-effect to today’s activities, however. See, like most pale Irish girls, I burn very easily. The 30 minutes I spent walking and marking the corn maze in the direct sun has left my shoulders, neck, and chest radiating heat. I love lobsters… but I really didn’t need to be one. While a nice cold shower has calmed things down, tomorrow might require a hunt for cheap aloe vera…

In other news, the Moon is almost full! And I very much like how it rises over the nearby brick buildings out my office window with not a cloud in the nighttime sky.



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