Policies for Today in YA History

***Due to personal work taking precedence over this blog, Today in YA History has been suspended until further notice. In the meantime, I’m gathering author birthdays to hopefully return with a fun YA History calendar in the future! Thanks!***

The History of the Young Adult genre

The #YAhistory hashtag started on June 3rd, 2011 with “June 1908 – L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Anne of Green Gables’ published by L. C. Page & Co.”

Since starting this blog, I’ve decided to bring an extra level to “TIYAH” by including a post for each day where there’s a YA History to announce. That way, I can talk about the author, book, publisher, or agent a little more, and link to relevant resources!

Please enjoy the “YA History” tag on this site to view any past “Today in…” posts. For those on Twitter, you can follow along with the #YAhistory hashtag, follow me, or search for past posts!

What is posted in “Today in YA History”?

The most important part of TIYAH is to promote the celebration of milestones in the YA genre. I’m an equal opportunity reporter though, and keep a record of the less than shining moments so we can learn from them.

Typically included:

* Birthdays and days of passing of Young Adult authors * Publishing dates of important, interesting, unique, acclaimed, or controversial YA novels * Important dates in the publishing industry for the YA genre (first releases from new YA imprints, dates editors purchased books, etc) * Release dates of movies made from YA novels * Days in YA history where the world was made more aware of the genre through media attention *When an agent signed an up-and-coming YA author, or when a prominent agent or agency opened their doors for YA submissions


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