Policies for Reviews & Promotions


I promise to be completely honest in my reviews. If you have followed the above guidelines and approach me with a pitch, AND I accept the pitch to review the novel, then chances are I’m going to like it and the reviews here will be mostly positive. I know what I like to read; I won’t accept books that won’t fit that mold, right?

If you send the book with enough time, I will review the book within one month prior to or after its release date, with the goal of being as close to release as possible. I cannot guarantee a specific review date.

To send a request for a review, email oliviahennis at the gmail dot com! (Remove “the”)

As all books and all reviewers are different, please note that I might not be the perfect reader and reviewer for you. It’s unfortunate, yes, but I’d rather see your book go to the right person! Take some time to carefully review these policies. I really love bringing readers and new books together, and would love to do the same for your books!


I live in the US, in New Jersey. I accept ARCs, galley copies, and finished copies for review. (traditionally/indie published books). I do not have an ereader. Feel free to contact me if you have a book you think I’d be particularly interested in!


The goal here at my blog is to promote Young Adult and New Adult books. Pitch your book to me! I just might like it and review it here!

I’m particularly fond of:

* Real-life fiction pulled from today’s headlines (missing teens, abusive relationships, cyber-bullying, books that turn perceived notions of today’s teens on their head, etc)
* or Historical/future fiction (especially dealing with wars)
* Set in the modern era
* Teenage protagonists
* College-age and twenty-something MCs who are not worried about getting married and having children, but more about how they’re going to pay for this month’s rent and dealing with being “in between” being a teen and a ‘real adult’
* The more gritty and realistic the better.
* Male and female protags, any POV.

As long as the character voices are true, and the females are strong, I may be interested.

As for regular old Fiction, I’m super picky. Only:

* Historical fiction set between 1600-1950 (no paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi subgenre)
* Globe-hopping adventure * sexy and smart villains * lost treasure * mobsters * sword play * Revolutionary France * detectives * soiled doves * gin joints * Prohibition * absinthe houses * opium dens * secret wills * con jobs * elaborate robberies * murder * double lives

These are some of the things I look for in my historical adult fiction. Have one? Let’s hear about it!


Thank you very much! I look forward to helping you get the word out there to new readers!

<3 Olivia


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